Activation of the three Brainwaves (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma)

The brain waves are scalar waves, which are the connection to the soul DNA in the brain.

Voilá - Alpha/ Beta/ Gamma waves (these are measurable in every EEG).

When there is a disturbance in the brain waves (alpha, beta, gamma), the communication current between the brain and the body and all organs is interrupted. The physical body is immensely affected by this. The clearer the brain waves are, the more subtle the energy in the body becomes, and the more vital the organism is. Activating the scalar waves is an essential and ingenious manifestation of health.

Experience the genius of optimally adjusting your brainwaves, activating your body's important health. The more brainwaves are embedded in the soul's creativity, the healthier YOU ARE!

They are currents of your soul-DNA.

These are SO IMPORTANT for your health, for your immune system, and for your organs!!!

The healing techniques used are not in lieu of psychological or medical treatment. Participation is your own choice as you are responsible for what resonates along your healing journey.

The session is done via Zoom.

Photo: @cosmin4000 @gettyimages