Blueprint with Oronos® according to Natara®

The blueprint is the divine field, is purest divine vibration and the place where we all (humans, animals, plants, the earth itself, all planets, the whole universe) come from.

The blueprint is the energy of the quantum field, is pure, intelligent love vibration.

With the blueprint we are reconnected with the divine image of our soul, so that the divine order is allowed to take space in our life, and we are gradually reconnected with our original creative power completely.

The divine vibrations of freedom and love and unity return. This means life in fullness, in clarity, in lightness. The responsibility for one’s own life can be taken over more and more again, the manipulability gradually becomes less and disappears.




The blueprint is the greatest divine protection:

  • It weakens certain chemical substances. It is possible, for example, that certain medicines will have an increased effect if they are good for the body, but others that are harmful to the body will no longer work.
  • It is possible that certain eating habits change (e.g. no more desire for meat, certain food products do not taste good anymore… because they contain substances that are not good for the body).
  • The heaviness of ancestors and family dissolve.
  • Fighting stops….
  • Protection from electrosmog
  • Protection from atomic radiation
  • Protection from manipulations that are not visible to us (chips, cell phones, television programs)
  • And many more…..

What does this mean for everyday life?

  • Old behavior patterns are dissolved… The blueprint reveals step by step certain backgrounds… Built up pressure can go away.
  • The blueprint brings many things to light: certain towers collapse, tightness in the body is dissolved, softened, sometimes with coughing and with a lot of phlegm – without being sick… The past is dissolved, redeemed, masks fall.
  • There may be tension first….then relaxation.
  • Arrogance, envy, judging gradually disappear….
  • It is a conversion process for all our cells
  • The blueprint shakes many things up, and brings change to life.

Transformation is taking place.

When the love force opens the fields, then the greatest possible healing can occur.

A new life dance / liberation dance can arise. The blueprint is the divine legacy to us, out of love, for us and our planet.

It is the divine manifestation of love; the love vibration is taking hold.

The guardian and master of the quantum field of love is ORONOS®. – It is channeled by Natara® since 2009. (

What does the blueprint do?

Everything comes into the divine order. This does not happen from one day to the next, but is a very personal process that takes about 1 year.

Quotes from ORONOS®

  • The blueprint restores the divine order in your life. And the mind becomes more and more silent. And the divine order brings everything into love, even if sometimes it doesn’t look like that for you and many towers have to collapse first. If your soul carries this great divine field, this divine love within itself, it is quite easy again to fill the body with it.
  • The divine light anchors itself in each of your cells and makes the body shine.
  • No one has come to earth without this vibration of love. When we are born, we are absolutely free, absolutely judgment-free. At some point, the mind has simply become stronger and we have more or less lost contact with our heart. The point is that the love, the security and the silence move into every cell again, our divine consciousness.
  • The blueprint causes an anchoring of love and mindfulness in every single cell of the body, in the body, in our own life. And what can protect us more than love.
  • With the blueprint we are always present, always in love and ready to serve and help. And our life becomes easier and more peaceful.
  • With the blueprint, the energy on Mother Earth increases and everything comes into the divine order – in places, people, animals and plants.
  • The divine order brings joy and relaxation, but it can also bring tension at first.
  • With the blueprint we have a protection from negative energies, especially from the energies that are sent through the media, television, and entertainment.
  • The blueprint helps us on the path to freedom and on the path of divine mastery.
  • The blueprint helps us to live fully on the planet, to engage fully with the energy of our life and soul plan.
  • The blueprint is an accelerator of order, because the quantum field is absolute divine order and presence.
  • The blueprint provides the greatest possible protection from radiation of any kind on the planet, including the greatest atomic protection.
  • The blueprint is a great life force for us. When our body lets the soul in again, then ecstasy arises, then the divine dance between the quantum field and the earth, between the soul and the body arises.

What does this mean in everyday life?

  • Old patterns of behavior are dissolved
  • Certain towers collapse, masks are dissolved
  • Arrogance, envy, judging, gradually disappear
  • Many things start to wobble, change takes place.
  • There may be first tension… then relaxation
  • Transformation takes place

Oronos® summarizes it like this:

  • The blueprint is the divine legacy to us, out of love, for us and our planet.
  • When the power of love opens the fields, then the greatest possible healing can occur.
  • A new life dance/liberation dance can emerge.
  • It is the divine manifestation of love, the vibration of love takes hold.

The techniques used are not a substitute for psychological or medical treatment. Participation is at your own responsibility.

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Thank you Ruth

108,00 Euros for adults from the age of 18 years
54,00 Euros for children/teenagers from 2 – 17 years
18,00 Euros for children up to 2 years
54,00 Euros for animals als plants
54,00 Euros for situations (tests,disputes, special challenges, etc.)
108,00 Euros for places, houses, apartments (per place)

Here my son and me talk about the blueprint.