Thu. 8th July 2021 at 12 pm CET – Free Online Call about Visiona

Thursday 8th July 2021
 12 pm
Duration:  for about an 1 hour
Via Online-Call

During this call I will show you and explain to you how Visiona works.

The elementar power of water

The ability of water to store information is used to transport positive vibrations and energy. In the Visiona water revitalization, there is information water from the Aouyash spring in the two golden half-shells. This water is charged with ancient information using techniques from the quantum field. Once the water comes into contact with Visiona, all stored harmful information is erased and the natural state can be restored.

  • Provides unique life information of the Fibonacci spiral.
  • Reactivates the self-healing powers of water
  • Stimulates detoxification in the body
  • Has a positive effect on the cellular water of humans, animals, plants
  • Deposits in pipes and pools disappear with time
  • For apartments, houses, hotels, companies, agriculture, schools, etc.
  • The water is informed with quantum field techniques

Visiona consists of 2 half-shells, made of natural clay. In it is filled with the information water with the messages of the Fibunacci spiral, according to which everything in nature is built. The purest 999 gold encases the two clay bowls – because only perfectly matched, high-quality materials guarantee that the message of the Visiona water is also perfectly passed on. The natural clay guarantees a long-range (9 m in one direction, 18 m in diameter), all water pipes, plants, people, animals in the vicinity benefit from it. The gold is a messenger for information transmission and reminds the pineal gland of our body to produce its own gold again. Gold is important in every cell of our body for cell communication as well as rejuvenation of the body (it makes the telomeres grow again). The two half-shells are used only together, they are placed around the water pipe and fixed with cable ties. There are different sizes of Visiona – from smaller devices to take with you, for physical treatments and individual water connections, to large custom-made devices for large hotels and businesses, where large amounts of water are informed with the origin information. Information persists and continues to spread even in wastewater.