Mo. 5th July at 6 pm CET – The power of the lemurian crystals

Monday 5th July 2021
 6 pm
Duration:  for about an 1 hour
Via Online-Call

Lemuria was a peaceful and very powerful time of togetherness on these planets of creativity.

There was no disease and life was characterized by vision and a clear focus on the future.

In togetherness, the best was created and manifested for the community.

Lemurians were great masters of healing and true aliveness.

This must now be anchored again on this planet of creativity. Because this knowledge has never completely disappeared from this earth.

With the healing power of Lemuria, you will be treated with five Lemurian crystals. This way peace is established in your cells and a deep re-membering on your part can take place. Your body consists of crystals, which hold together this structure of the body and the cells. That is why it is so important that by means of crystals a harmonious frequency is activated again in the cell system and the DNA and the telomeres grow again. Moreover, the side effects of the covid vaccination and covid test are eliminated. Holograms are removed. Holograms are diseases, lack, curses, abuse, emotional issues and malediction. Brain waves (alpha, beta and gamma) are positively influenced and one becomes more sensitive.

With these Lemurian crystals I act:

– the blue Lemurian crystal in my hand chakras
– the red Lemurian crystal in my 3rd eye
– the black Lemurian crystal in my foot chakras

The techniques used are not a substitute for psychological or medical treatment. Participation is at your own responsibility.

The power of the lemurian crystals

Following things can be eliminated: – Negative side effects of the covid test – Negative side effect of the covid vaccine – Holograms – Memories

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