Melissa from America

Testimony for our Blueprint session: 10 days ago Ruth did a long distant Blueprint on me. As soon as she started working on me I could feel the energy go to my stomach. My weight has always been an issue I struggle with. I’ve even found over these days I have little desire to snack. What a blessing in itself that is!!! Since the Blueprint is a protection of manipulation I found this next change huge as well. I was in a relationship with a narcissist (king of manipulation), which I ended in December. Recently his energy has been waking me up in the middle of night with dreams of him, or him being my first thought on my mind. I felt such a strong connection like we are soul partners and there was still unfinished business there. I wish him well but knew with how he treated me I couldn’t return to that relationship. Well guess what I am sleeping through the nights now and my ex is not running through my mind all day. Thank you so much for the session Ruth!!! I know this is just the beginning too.