Krishna aus Indien

I started my first session with this beautiful lovely soulful lady “Ruth” at her request. To be honest I was skeptical at first that it would actually make any change in my energy dynamics or overall quality of life! As the session went on which was almost a silent time actually I started feeling some kind of energy reverberation in my body. I’m still confused about whether it was my placebo effect or real. I could certainly sense some energy currents moving in my body like the universe is sending me some highly powered vibrational energy & it’s echoing back and forth! To be honest I can’t explain the feeling precisely but there was something going on! The session was about 30 minutes long and was not arduous at all as I was at much peace with her chanting some powerful mantras for me! Soon after this one session, I noticed within a few days my sleeping hours started changing & I began to sleep early almost every night on autopilot. To my amazement, it was something that never happened to me before as it felt like Universe is resetting my internal clock so that I can restore my well-being with a new daily routine! It was bizarre to me but was really effective and I pretty much tied it to her session as I wasn’t doing any other transition in my life! I took another session with her personally begging her busy time & voila it was again powerful enough to transform my life positively.

Effects I felt were a more positive outlook, great enthusiasm, optimism, sleep-wake cycle reset, energetic improvement, better health & beauty, and love & peace just to name a few out there!

I would highly recommend anyone just to consider taking these extremely healing & life-changing sessions with her which would certainly reset your clock of life & bring some potent universal attractive forces towards you to feel some amazing transformation within the body, mind, heart & soul.

Thank you so much Ruth for being a part of my life & showering your choicest blessings upon me with your robust healing powers! All my love & peace to you! ❤️