Elimination of all damage caused by the PCR test.

IMPORTANT! Both for all our children – as well as for all adults!

What damages are caused by the Covid tests?

Covid test in nose, or throat, leave unwanted traces and also injuries – in these places. A SINGLE change after a test is present in ALL, just MOST DO NOT FEEL IT!!!
We have the ability to undo these interventions/traces. To heal the wounds, make any transmission of viruses and bacteria UNEFFECTIVE and destroy any nanochips.

Surely you are already informed about the consequential damages.

I work with special techniques from Quantenfield. The detox for the covid test can be done via Zoom or in person. The energies work very well over the distance. The damage that was caused by the test will be removed. I have had a lot of success doing it.

Please print out the legal basis, fill them out, scan them and send them back to me before the start of the session.
Thank you Ruth

Price: 36 Euros