28th November 2021 at 3 pm CET Activation of the Oronos soul family

Monday, 28th November 2021
Start: 3 pm Central European Time
Length: about a 1 hour
Via Zoom-Call

For millions of years, our soul group called the Oronos family entered this planet of creativity. Ever since we have been stuck in the cycle of incarnations. Now is the time to break free and reconnect to our soul group. We are a very powerful soul group. We are healers and builders of the new world. We hold all the answers within us. Now is the time to experience healing on all levels and to bring light into the world.

During this session, you will receive very powerful codes that will help you remember your soul purpose and reconnect to your soul group. Come and be part of the journey.

The techniques used are not a substitute for psychological or medical treatment. Participation is your own responsibility.

Please print and fill out the legal basis and send it before the beginning of the session to info(at)ruthdaugherty.com

Price: 126 euros